CL 70510  AKC 5'x10'x6'tall Black  $449.00

CL 70500 AKC 5'x6'tall wall panel  $69.00

CL 70501 AKC 5'x6'tall gate panel  $104.00

CL 70511 AKC 5'x6'tall gate in gate  $159.00

CL 70513 AKC 5'x6'tall welping gate  $159.00

CL 75500 AKC 5'x5' predator top   $75.00

CL 70408  AKC 4'x8'x6'tall Black   $399.00

CL 70400 AKC 4'x6'tall wall panel  $60.00

CL 70401 AKC 4'x6'tall gate  $99.00

CL70411  AKC 4'x6'tall welping gate $139.00

CL 74400 AKC 4'x4' predator top   $65.00

CL 71117 wall bracket    $4.95

CL 71121 Static 2 bowl system  $45.00

CL 71121 Rotating 2 bowl system 59.00

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AKC Pro-Breeder kennels are made from heavy duty steel tubing with 8 gauge wire welded into the frame on a 2"x4" grid.  The steel is then coated with a zinc primer and a black powder coated finish is baked on in a high temperature oven giving a beautiful black rust resistant finish which will last for years and years.

AKC 5'x15'
CL 70408 AKC Black Kennel $399

CL 71121 Static Bowl System

We can deliver and install your dog kennel in Western Washington State.
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